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Our Core Values


We want to empower YOU to be YOU! We encourage you to be as unique as the products you will find in our store, we celebrate diversity and encourage individuality!


We promise to remember who we are doing this for and WHY. We support our community by giving back to small local charities and making resources available for those in need of support.

Creativity and Innovation

BBGlamstash was created to encourage new energy, a new way of approaching the beauty shopping experience and beauty industry as a whole. We hope to inspire creativity, promote individuality and innovation with our products.


BBGlamstash is created and curated by a Pro Makeup Artist with both the pro MUA and the makeup enthusiast in mind! BBGlamstash promises to bring the highest quality products available! We want to support you in feeling confident and beautiful with all of the products we offer!


Makeup is an artform. Art should be fun! No negativity or self doubt here! We promise to make triple sure to bring you a light, pressure free, fun environment! Education and support abound, ask questions, play around and have fun! Fall in love with makeup right along with us!

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I know I’ve said this like ten times but i’m honestly really impressed. I haven’t been this excited about lashes in a long time"


"BBeauty lashes are my favorite! I love wearing them for photo shoots or just for fun! They are lightweight, I don’t feel them when they are on and they give a more natural glam look. I’ll use a set multiple times and they continue to sit well on my lash line"


"I really love how fluffy all of the lashes are but still can look really seamless when you put them on!"


"I love BBeauty lashes! The styles are fun, glamorous and really make a statement. The packaging is super cute and the lashes are easy to remove. I also like that the bands are not too thick and were comfortable for my client to wear"